Policy and Strategy Advisor

Shri Ashok Dhawan is a veteran politician and social worker. He is also the Chairperson of the Committee on Privileges of the Legislative Council and was Prime Minister Narendra Modi's official campaign agent during the 2014 and 2019 Lok Sabha elections.

I oversaw the planning, operations and performance management systems for Shri Ashok Dhawan’s campaigns and interacted with the constituents and ascertained their grievances. During the Covid-19 pandemic, I assisted in the planning and execution of the $150,000+ food distribution operation that fed 80,000 families with over 11 million meals. We had a particular focus on expanding the reach of the drive and were successful in feeding the needy not just in Varanasi but in most neighbouring districts. We also managed to send a truckload of food supplies to the Amphan Cyclone hit region of West Bengal.

In the end, we were successful in delivering necessities in a time of crisis to the citizens. Though the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic will be felt for many years to come, we can all work to forge a future for our country that is safe, vibrant, optimistic, thoughtful, and inclusive.

Founder, President

The project, in part, is an extension of my personal long-term goal of raising children that are committed to the goals of equality, honesty and happiness for all. At 'The Atmanirbar Project' our mission is to inspire and develop the builders of tomorrow to be self-reliant and inculcate the value of 'antyodaya' in them. We are very proud of the commitment and excellent work of our staff and our group of highly skilled volunteers who are working day and night to make our dream come true.

The team is made up of researchers, analysts, designers, storytellers, strategists, entrepreneurs, and operators. We are currently developing the project and and are looking for passionate change makers with similar aspirations.

Join us!

Learning Program Designer

The Port Center was born out of a collective reflection of remoteness, ignorance and inaccessibility of the port industries and territory in France's 2nd largest port city and UNESCO World Heritage site, Le Havre. Its objective is to improve the connect between the city and the port through a process of cooperation for economic development that’s more sustainable, responsible, and innovative, putting citizens at the heart of everything.

I conducted research on the socio-economic, cultural, geopolitical and environmental impacts of the HAROPA Port on the Seine axis and synthesised it into educational interventions designed for the 12,000 secondary and high school students that visit the Port Center.

Head of Department, Foreign Affairs

The Media and Social Media Research Foundation (MSMRF) is a multi-national organisation with the aim of anti-misinformation. It is an honour to be given such a position in a team comprising of Ex-Ministers, Members of Parliament and UN delegates.

I worked towards establishing a global network of researchers, ambassadors and volunteers for the foundation. I had the additional responsibility centrally coordinate the evaluation of global research relationships and Governmental and Public Affairs in foreign countries. We were successful in establishing a network of more than 250+ passionate individuals to work under various projects.

Clean India Mission

Member, Outreach Team

The Clean India Mission was a country-wide campaign to eliminate open defecation and improve solid waste management in India. The mission aimed at progressing towards target 6.2 of the Sustainable Development Goals Number 6 established by the United Nations, with the slogan "One step towards cleanliness"

I had initially joined the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan for a month long summer internship to research about the Impact of Awareness Drives on the Mindset of the Public and later wrote a research paper on- The Impact of Awareness Drives on the Mindset of School Children in Varanasi.

Based on my performance, I was offered to join the outreach team to act as a point of contact with the community it serves. I developed an awareness program targeting school children and conducted workshops in schools across Varanasi and Bhadohi districts.

Head of Research

The Youth’s Lens is a youth-led e-think tank dedicated to delivering global perspectives on politics, economics and socio-cultural issues through the eyes of the youth. The project began as a blog which grew over time to a team of 60 from over 13 countries to seek, develop and express a fresh perspective on the global socio-political climate.

Initially, as a Junior Editor, I was in charge of the coverage of the Lok Sabha Elections in 2019 and the #TheYouthAsks campaign. Later, as Head of Research, I oversaw our pilot research - Documenting Potential Methods to Establish Sustainable Democracies Through Quantitative Data Analysis - which was a study of problems that make democracies unsustainable. Through this, we established a cause-effect relationship that helped us offer potential solutions to these problems. I'm always excited to talk shop about bold, data-driven public policy concepts. Email me if you'd like a copy of the research paper!

Service Design, Intern

I joined the United Kingdom based startup because of its uniqueness, about bringing the restaurant experience to the home . I worked with Yhangry to help them achieve their goal to democratise access to private chefs by delivering home-cooked meals at the click of a button.

In my time as a Service Design intern, I compiled a qualitative research analysis for current and under-development projects and provided actionable suggestions to improve reach, enhance customer service and ensure hygiene. I also conducted an in-depth prospect donor research to support the fundraising strategies and objectives.