Codex Vitae

A Codex Vitae is a living book of wisdom that represents the culmination of your life's work, that you update until your last days. Most people choose to make their Codex public, as a way to leave a lasting legacy that inspires and empowers generations to come. Here are the answers to your FAQs

Chapter One: Philosophy 

Beliefs, principles, and values to guide everything else in this personal codex.

1: Meta-beliefs about Life Principles

2: Personal Principles

Chapter Two: Personal Systems

Systems and tactics for getting the most out of your life.

1: Productivity

2: Emotional Health

3: Leisure

Chapter Three: Work

Lessons for business, work, and building things.

1: Career

2: Business

3: Coaching Philosophy 

Chapter Four: People

Beliefs and practices for other people.

1: Strangers

2: Friends

3: Family

Chapter Five: Nitty Gritty

Important habits to take care of the details of life.

1: Clothes 

Chapter Six: Influences and Recommendations

Best-of and other greats that you would return to and recommend to other people.

1: Food

2: Books

3: Movies 


Not Bollywood

4: Museums

This Codex Vitae idea comes from Buster Benson, who got the idea from Robin Sloan’s book Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore.“And this is the other treasure. Following in the Founder’s footsteps, every member of this fellowship produces his or her own codex vitae, or book of life. It is the task of the unbound. Fedorov, for example, is one of these. When he is finished, he will have poured everything he has learned, all his knowledge, into a book like these.” - Mr. Penumbra